Best Bushnell Golf Rangefinders

The 5 Best Bushnell Golf Rangefinders Of 2023

Golf is a game of patience and passion at the same time. It requires an almost precise judgment of everything, like a hazard to distances, equipment selection, and power adjustments. It seems impossible to take care of all these aspects in every single shot you play. However, don’t worry because Bushnell has got your back, front, and sides.

The rangefinder is one of the most important pieces of golf equipment for every player. It helps you understand the different golf aspects just by spotting the hole through the camera sight. It provides information about exact distances, accurate angle adjustments, hazards, and much more. If you are a golf player, you have probably heard about Bushnell.

Most professional golf players use Bushnell products regularly. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the Top 5 best Bushnell golf rangefinders for the money of 2023 to help you make a purchase.

About Bushnell:

Scopes and sights are the key components of many different sports played around the world. For instance, range shooting requires rifle scopes, golf requires rangefinders, archery requires bow sights, and much more. Bushnell understands the needs of all these players and manufactures the perfect optical instruments for them.

Bushnell is one of the oldest and most famous manufacturers of optical accessories for various sports. Their huge product lineage includes rifle scopes, bow sights, Golf Laser rangefinders, golf GPS, night visions, binoculars, telescopes, and many other products.

In the world of golf, Bushnell Tour is the crown jewel of all the rangefinders manufacturers out there. All the Bushnell products are equipped with powerful sights, accurate lasers, and HD displays. Moreover, Bushnell rangefinders are highly durable and are made from heavy-duty material. This is the reason why Bushnell products are slightly more expensive than the others. However, the premium quality and long-lasting equipment speak for themselves to justify the price range.

What to expect from Bushnell rangefinders?

Bushnell is one of those brands that never compromise on their product quality. This is the reason why they have such a loyal customer base that is ready to buy Bushnell products almost blindfolded. Such trust requires Bushnell to always come up with innovative products while maintaining the same reliable quality and affordable price. Following are the features that have won the hearts of millions of golf players around the world:

Stable grip technology:

The most common issue when sighting long-ranged targets is the natural shaking of hands. The problem is that when you sight a target located far away from you, even the slightest hand movement can significantly divert your sight. It is because the angle of sight increases with the increase in distance., Therefore, even a slight change at your end can result in a considerably large angular error.

However, Bushnell understands the fact that “too err is human,” and therefore, they have adapted the Stable grip technology. This technology works in the same way as camera stabilization in telescopes and even some mobile lenses. The camera is provided room for some movement without diverting from the sighted target. As a result, you no longer have to worry about the shakiness that comes with sighting long-distance targets.


The display is the most important component of any rangefinder. It is because no matter how accurate your device is, you still have to be able to see it outdoor. Otherwise, there is no way you will fully take advantage of the accurate laser sight. Therefore, Bushnell only uses high-quality displays in their products. They include a dual-display setting to help you easily adjust to the current lighting conditions around you.

Fast focus system:

Another issue with long-distance sighting is that you have to constantly adjust the eyepiece focus to view the target. The old school was to adjust the focus manually, which took a lot of time and practice. The new technology is the fast focus system. It allows you to just turn on the device and sight the target through the eyepiece, and the focus is automatically adjusted within a fraction of a second.

Slope switch:

At last! You don’t have to have to judge the slope of the golf course because you have the best Bushnell rangefinder. This technology includes a switch to toggle the slope mode on and off. It takes into account any elevation between you and the target and provides accurate information about the slope.

Flag acquisition:

Do you get the feeling that your target shot wasn’t accurate? Well, not anymore! The flag acquisition technology works the same way as the target lock system of a fighter plane. It detects the presence of the flag in the green and automatically locks it. You just have to wait for the vibration buzz and press the lock button to get information about layouts with distances.

Top 5 best Bushnell golf rangefinders with laser review:

Bushnell is a well-known manufacturer with a huge product lineage. Their products are categorized according to price range. However, all their products provide accurate readings, so don’t worry about that. The expensive rangefinders come with some extra features like wireless connectivity or a smartphone app. On the contrary, the lower price range is more of a standard laser rangefinder to help you get accurate measurements.

My recommendation:

Before we get started with the product review, I need to make one suggestion. The Bushnell Tour V5 Shift is a personal preference for the best rangefinder. It has many useful features that have helped me improve my game within a few weeks. The readings are very accurate; the shifting slope feature and the dual-display technology are the key features of this product. Moreover, it is available at a discounted price online.

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift (Slope)Slope buttonhole technology range: 5-1,300 yardsBushnell Golf app
Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinderintegrated Laser/GPS display36,000 preloaded courses range to flag: 400 yards
BUSHNELL Sport 850 DISC Golf RANGEFINDERAccuracy: +/-3 can mode30 seconds measurement time
Bushnell Pro XE GolfVisual Jolt TechnologyRange: 5-1,300 yards Magnetic mount waterproof
Bushnell Tour X Laser Golf RANGEFINDER6x magnification ranges between 5 and 1,300 yards and is accurate to +/- 0.5 yards
Class 1 laser with <0.5mW average power output

1 Bushnell Tour V5 Shift (Slope)

Classic Golf - bushnell golf rangefinder older models

Every year Bushnell comes up with a flagship model that includes several improvements without compromising on anything. All the other models of that year are then compared with the flagship. The V5 is the next-generation golf rangefinder, with the predecessor being Bushnell Tour V4. It comes with the same accuracy and handy features to help you improve your game.

The biggest concern of any rangefinder user is whether or not it is legal to use in tournaments. So, this year the V5 comes with the licensing authority from the golf association. I personally used the V5 in my game, and I am proud to say that I am impressed with the performance and accuracy.

The device is waterproof, and I tested it on a rainy day. The high magnification lens provides up to 6x magnification with stable grip technology. Moreover, the auto-locking feature targets the flag and provides buzzing feedback whenever the laser hits the flag to minimize the chance of error.

Furthermore, this model also describes the slope information of the golf course. However, you have a toggle switch located on the side of the device to control the slope function. It has a long battery life that lasts for four rounds of 18 holes each. Thanks to the swappable battery that comes with the bundle. Other features include the Bushnell Golf app that you can use to view information about your current score, distance, range, slope, hazards, and much more.


  • Highly accurate
  • Changeable measurement units
  • Bushnell Golf app
  • Jolt technology
  • Stable grip technology
  • Flag range: 5-400 yards
  • BITE magnetic mount
  • Ergonomic design


  • Relatively expensive
  • Larger size than others

2 Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

Classic Golf - bushnell golf rangefinder on sale

Currently, golfers use either GPS rangefinder or laser rangefinder in their game. Both the technologies have their own set of pros and cons. However, if you can’t decide which one you want, you can go for the Hybrid rangefinder. It is the world’s first device to contain both a GPS and laser technology inside one casing.

The GPS is very accurate, with more than 36,000 preloaded golf courses from over 30 countries. Furthermore, if your golf field isn’t available by default, you have the option to update the course database using either a USB or Bluetooth connection with your smartphone.

The laser rangefinder technology of Bushnell is known as the global champion. It has dead accuracy of fewer than 3ft at 1,300 yards away from the target. Furthermore, the Jolt technology allows you to close in on the flag while minimizing the chance of any error in your sighting.

However, it doesn’t provide information about the slope. Even in the scan mode, all you can measure is in the range. Therefore, if you are looking for a rangefinder with slope technology, it is best to check other products. Other than that, the Bushnell Hybrid is the most advanced golf rangefinder that you can get at such a reasonable price.


  • GPS golf rangefinder
  • Laser rangefinder
  • High-resolution magnification
  • Jolt technology
  • Dual battery for GPS and laser
  • Auto standby
  • Accurate measurements
  • Highly durable


  • No slope technology
  • There is no toggle to turn off GPS when not needed.
  • The GPS display is a bit dim.


Classic Golf - bushnell golf rangefinder watch

Looking for a portable golf rangefinder? Well, look no further! Because the Spot 850 is just the perfect device for you. It is a straightforward rangefinder without any fancy extra features. However, the device is the master of accuracy and ease of use.

This small rangefinder is handy enough to use and quickly put in your pocket without losing your precious time. The powerful rangefinder updates four times per second to provide accurate measurements multiple times in one second.

Moreover, the display is also brighter than most premium devices. It is specially designed to be used outdoor. The screen provides a two times brighter display than others. Moreover, it also has an ARC functionality to help you with uphill or downhill shots.


  • Single-button operation
  • Portable size
  • Durable aluminum casing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Affordable price
  • Fast ranging
  • Scan mode


  • It only supports a CR2 battery.
  • No Jolt technology.
  • There is no stable grip technology.

4 Bushnell Pro XE Golf

Classic Golf - bushnell golf rangefinder hybrid

Golf players keep complaining that their rangefinder lacks an extra feature that other products offer. However, Bushnell has worked well to create the perfect golf ranger finder for you. This device is priced slightly higher than other products, but the features that you get make it worth it.

Bushnell takes the rangefinder game one step ahead with the inclusion of elements display. Besides the typical slope and distance measurement, Pro XE is capable of measuring temperature and barometer readings as well.

The famous jolt technology and stable grip technology are also included, along with IPX7 waterproofing. Furthermore, there is a BITE magnet present on the device to easily mount it on your golf cart. All these functions are enclosed in a durable polyester casing that makes it lightweight and durable.


  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Barometer and thermometer.
  • Jolt technology
  • Durable build
  • 7x magnification
  • Lightweight
  • BITE magnetic mount
  • Bushnell Golf app
  • 3D flyover distance
  • 36,000 preloaded courses


  • The battery is non-rechargeable CR2
  • No anti-glare display

5 Bushnell Tour X Laser Golf RANGEFINDER

Classic Golf - best bushnell golf rangefinder

The last device on the list is optimized for professional golf players. As you know, the USGA doesn’t approve of using slope finders in tournaments. Therefore, the Tour X comes with the option to turn slope mode on or off using just the push of a button.

The jolt technology and stable grip are also present in the device, along with high resolution and water resistance. The device comes with a dual display (black, white and red) to adjust according to the light conditions around you. This is a professional device, so you should expect perfect measurement accuracy.


  • Accurate measurements
  • Suitable for professionals
  • Ergonomic design
  • Dual display
  • Lightweight
  • Slope switch
  • UGSA approved
  • Waterproof


  • Slightly overpriced


Bushnell produces the most reliable rangefinders and optical instruments in the world. Their rangefinders are highly accurate and come with several innovative features that help improve your game.


Why Choose Best Bushnell Golf rangefinders?

Bushnell is the leading manufacturer of golf optical equipment. Their products are highly accurate and come with innovative features at an affordable price.

Which Bushnell golf Rangefinder is right for you?

Bushnell has a wide range of products according to the users. The GPS devices are for everyday players. The Pro range is for professionals and experts. The hybrid and sports range of devices are suitable for beginners and experts alike.

What to Look For in a Golf Rangefinder?

When selecting a rangefinder, accuracy, and efficiency should be your key concerns. Other aspects include ergonomic design, bright display, Jolt technology, stability features, magnification, and durability.

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