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Can I Leave My Electric Golf Cart Plugged In All Winter?

Can I Leave My Electric Golf Cart Plugged In All Winter? The Inside Scoop for Winter Wonderers! Discover the dos and don’ts of winterizing your zippy ride.

From battery care to maintenance tips, we’ve got you covered! Keep your golf cart ready to hit the greens come springtime. Buckle up, folks!

People often worry about leaving their electric golf carts plugged in all winter. They want to know if it’s safe and good for their battery and cart. In this blog, we’ll talk about this and help you decide what to do.

Don’t miss our expert tips for a worry-free off-season. Stay powered up and enjoy the ride!

Can I Leave My Electric Golf Cart Plugged In All Winter?

Keeping your golf cart plugged in during winter is simple. It keeps your battery charged and ready to use. This is good for the battery and prevents problems from the cold weather.

But there are good and bad points to leaving your golf cart plugged in. On the good side, your battery will always be fully charged. So, whenever you want, you can ride your cart and play golf. You won’t have to worry about the battery’s charge or how cold weather affects it.

However, there are things to think about. First, leaving your cart plugged in all the time might raise your electricity bill a bit. But this cost is small compared to fixing or getting a new battery.

Second, some experts disagree about leaving electronic devices, like golf carts, plugged in for a long time. They say it might overcharge the battery, which is bad for its health in the long run. But modern batteries are made better, so this risk is low.

Decoding the Confusion: Should You Leave Your Golf Cart Plugged In or Unplugged?

When it comes to golf carts, people get confused about whether to keep them plugged in or unplugged. Different companies have different guidelines.

E-Z-GO suggests keeping chargers unplugged during storage. Yamaha says to unplug the batteries completely. This conflicting information leaves owners unsure about what to do.

But here’s the answer: It’s usually best to keep your golf cart plugged in when you’re not using it, especially during long periods of storage. This helps keep the batteries charged and prevents them from running out of power. This is especially important in winter when you use the golf cart less often.

Keeping your golf cart plugged in also means the batteries are always ready to go. You don’t have to recharge them before each use. By keeping it plugged in, you can be sure your golf cart is always ready whenever you want to use it.

Why Should You Leave a Golf Cart Plugged In All The Time?

Keeping your golf cart plugged in is a good idea for a few reasons. One important reason is to stop self-discharge, which is when the battery slowly loses its charge over time.

By keeping it plugged in, you make sure it’s always ready to use when you need it. This is especially important if your cart runs on battery power only.

Another big advantage of leaving your golf cart plugged in is that it lets the charger do its job automatically. Modern chargers for golf carts are made to watch over the charging process and make sure it doesn’t overcharge and damage the battery.

Overcharging can cause problems in the long run and make the battery not last as long. So, using an automatic charger helps avoid this risk.

In the winter or if you won’t use your golf cart for a while, keeping it plugged in becomes even more important. Cold weather can hurt battery performance, and if you don’t use the cart for months, the battery can lose a lot of its charge.

By keeping it connected to the charger, you make sure it gets a little bit of charge all the time. This helps keep the battery healthy and makes it last longer.

Why Shouldn’t You Leave Your Golf Cart Plugged In?

When you have a golf cart and a battery, it’s important to think about whether or not you should leave the cart plugged in. The battery and charger are very important in making this decision.

Leaving your golf cart plugged in all the time might seem easy because it keeps the battery charged and ready to use. But this can actually be bad for the battery.

Golf cart batteries are made to last a long time, up to ten years if you take care of them. But if you always leave the cart plugged in, the battery can get worse and need to be replaced early.

The battery gets worse because of something called cell polarization. This makes the battery lose capacity over time, so it doesn’t work as well and takes longer to charge. When you leave the golf cart plugged in for a long time without a break, this problem gets even worse.

One problem with leaving the golf cart plugged in is overcharging. New chargers usually turn off when the battery is full to stop overcharging. But if there is always electricity going into the battery, it can still get damaged. Overcharging makes the battery worse and can cause other problems too.

To make sure your golf cart battery lasts a long time, you need to do a few things. Check the water levels regularly and charge the battery when needed. Golf cart batteries use a liquid called an electrolyte, and you might need to add distilled water to it sometimes.

This helps keep the battery from drying out and makes sure it charges and discharges correctly. If you keep the battery fully charged all the time, it will stay strong and work well for a long time.

How Golf Cart Batteries Work

Golf cart batteries are important for making golf carts work well. They are different from regular car batteries. They have special needs and ways of being used.

The batteries are made to work best with a certain amount of resistance. This helps them last longer and work better. Golf cart batteries are made up of individual cells connected in a line. Each cell has a plus and minus side that decides how much power the battery gives.

When the battery is used, the energy inside it changes into electricity. This lets electrons move through a wire and make the cart go.

When the battery is recharged, it gets power from an outside source. The battery is connected to a wire, and the energy moves in the opposite direction. This charges up the battery again.

To keep golf cart batteries working well, they need to be charged correctly. Some people might want to leave their carts plugged in all winter, but that’s not a good idea. Keeping the battery plugged in all the time can make it wear out faster.

Taking care of the battery is important to make it last. It should be recharged when it needs it and unplugged when it’s fully charged. It’s also important to keep the battery clean and check for any problems. That way, it will keep working its best.

3 Types of Golf Cart Battery Chargers

Regular Battery Charger

A regular charger helps recharge batteries. The charger’s speed depends on its amperage. Higher amperage charges faster, but lower amperage is safer for some batteries.

Overheating is a concern with chargers. It happens if left plugged for long or in hot places. To prevent it, watch the charger and provide good ventilation. Also, follow the instructions and charging time limits.

Overcharging harms batteries and shortens their life. Use a charger with overcharge protection. It stops charging when the battery is full, preventing damage.

Safety measures when using a charger: good ventilation, stable power source, and following instructions carefully.

To recharge a battery, connect it to the charger and set the right amperage and time. Watch the charger and battery during the process.

Battery Maintainer Charger

A battery maintainer charger is an important tool for keeping batteries in good shape. It uses electricity to slowly charge the battery and fix common problems.

This charger is designed to make sure the battery doesn’t get too full or too empty. It also prevents a build-up of a certain problem that happens when batteries aren’t used for a long time.

A battery maintainer charger is easy to use. You can connect it to the battery easily with a plug or clamps. It also has a light that shows if it’s charging or not. This helps you see how it’s doing and if there are any issues.

A battery maintainer charger is different from a regular charger. Regular chargers charge batteries quickly, but a battery maintainer charger charges them slowly. This helps the battery last longer and work better.

Battery Trickle Charger

A battery trickle charger is a device that helps keep a battery charged. It’s useful for vehicles with batteries during winter storage. Cold temperatures can make the battery lose power, but the trickle charger gives it a small amount of power to keep it from fully running out.

In winter storage, batteries lose power over time. This can make them work less and get damaged. But a trickle charger can fix this.

It gives a steady flow of electricity to the battery, so it stays charged and ready to use even if it’s not used for a long time. This is good because it stops the battery from getting completely empty, which can hurt it.

Using a trickle charger has advantages. It helps keep the battery charged without charging it too much. Charging too much can hurt the battery and make it stop working. Trickle charging is safe and gentle, so it keeps the battery healthy for a long time.

Besides keeping the battery charged, a trickle charger is also good when winter is over and it gets warmer. At that time, the battery needs a full charge for the vehicle to work well. The trickle charger slowly charges the battery without the risk of charging too much. This makes the battery work better and last longer.

How to Winterize Your Electric Golf Cart

When it’s winter, you need to take care of your electric golf cart. It’s important to get it ready for the cold weather. This will help it last longer and work well. One important thing to focus on is the battery. The battery powers the golf cart, especially during cold weather.

Take care of the battery terminals:

Check the battery’s terminals for any dirt or rust. If you find any, gently clean them. You can use a special cleaner for this.

Once they’re clean, put a little grease or jelly on them. This will protect them from getting dirty again. It will also help the battery stay connected to the golf cart properly.

Store The Battery Safely:

During winter, find a safe place for the battery. It should be protected from extreme temperatures and freezing. Cold temperatures can harm the battery and make it work less. Look for a storage space that has stable temperatures above freezing.

Charge The Battery Fully:

Before you store the battery for a long time, make sure it’s fully charged. If it’s not, it can lose power and get damaged. It’s also a good idea to disconnect the power cables. This will prevent any accidents and keep the battery safe.

Check The Cold Cranking Amps (Cca):

The cold cranking amps (CCA) number tells you how well the battery works in very cold temperatures. It’s usually measured at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure your battery meets the recommended CCA for your golf cart model. This will help it work well in winter.

Use A Battery Tender Or Maintainer Charger:

To keep the battery healthy and prevent it from losing power, you can use a battery tender or maintainer charger.

These devices can be connected to the battery when you’re not using it. They give a small charge to the battery, so it stays in good condition. They also check if the battery is working well.

Final Words

To sum up, it’s a good idea to keep your electric golf cart plugged in during winter. This helps keep the battery charged and prevents problems caused by cold weather. You can also use a special charger to keep the battery healthy.


How cold is too cold for golf cart batteries?

Golf cart batteries should stay away from temperatures below 32°F. Even though lead-acid batteries freeze at lower temperatures, it’s still too cold for them. To keep the batteries safe, owners should store or cover them when the forecast says it’ll get that cold.

Should you drain golf cart batteries?

It’s best not to fully drain golf cart batteries. Instead, charge them before they reach that point. Seeing a flashing battery indicator is bad. So, keep the battery charged and avoid excessive draining.

Why use distilled water in golf cart batteries?

Using the right water is important for golf cart batteries. Distilled water is the best choice. It helps the batteries work well. Tap water has impurities that can make the batteries not work as well. So always use distilled water.

Can you put hose water in golf cart batteries?

Putting water from a hose in golf cart batteries is not good. It can mess up the chemicals inside the battery, especially the acid. This can make the battery not work as well over time. So, it’s better to use the right kind of water made for golf cart batteries, like distilled water.

How full should a golf cart battery be?

The water should be between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch above the plates inside the battery. Keeping the water at this level helps the battery work better. Just remember, if you choose to fill it to the 1/4 inch mark, you need to check the battery more often to see how it’s doing.

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