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Can You Charge a Golf Cart With a 12 Volt Charger?

Rev up your golfing experience with a question that’s been buzzing around the fairways: Can you charge a golf cart with a 12-volt charger? As technology continues to evolve, golfers are exploring new ways to power their trusty carts. 

When it comes to charging a golf cart, the use of an electric golf cart charger is essential. These chargers are specifically designed for golf cart batteries, which are deep-cycle batteries. A 12-volt charger is commonly used for this purpose. 

However, it is important to note that charging a golf cart with a 12-volt charger can be a complicated process. The minimum voltage required to turn on the charger and start the charging process is crucial. 

This article serves as a guide, explaining Can You Charge a Golf Cart With a 12 Volt Charger? Let’s elevate your charging game and read step by step guide to charge your golf cart with a 12 Volt charger.

Can You Charge a Golf Cart With a 12 Volt Charger? Step-by-Step Guide

To charge a golf cart with a 12-volt charger, follow these steps:

Step 1: Understand the Voltage and Batteries

Use a socket wrench to open the battery compartment and expose the batteries. Most golf carts use a 36-volt system, with six 6-volt batteries connected in series. Understand the voltage: each battery produces 6 volts, resulting in a total of 36 volts when connected in series. 

To charge the batteries with a 12V charger, split the batteries into 3 pairs. Each pair will have a combined voltage of 12 volts. Now you can independently charge each pair with 12 volts charger.

Step 2: Connect Your 12V Charger

To begin charging, connect the charger cables: positive terminal to Battery 1’s positive post and negative terminal to Battery 2’s negative post. Use a voltmeter reader to check the charging. The charger charges the pair of 6-volt batteries at a time.

Disconnect the charger when the desired charge level is reached by turning it off and removing the cables. Following these steps ensures a positive charging experience. 

Step 3: Repeat the Process

After the first pair of batteries, proceed to the second pair and repeat step 2.

How Often Should You Charge a Golf Cart?

Ideally, the golf cart should be charged every day to maintain its optimal capacity. This regular charging routine ensures that the battery is always in good condition and ready to perform when needed.

If the charger turns off automatically, it indicates that the charging process is complete.

Following these guidelines will help keep your golf cart in top shape and prevent any charging-related problems.

Safety Concerns While Charging A Completely Dead Golf Cart Battery

When charging a dead golf cart battery, it is important to be careful and remember some important rules.

  • To charge golf cart batteries, use the charger made for them. Make sure it is the right voltage for your battery.
  •  Wear special items like gloves and glasses to protect yourself. This will help keep you safe.
  •  Keep stuff that can catch fire away from where you charge, to lower the risk of fire.
  •  Be careful with batteries that get puffed up, leaky, or freeze; you might need help from an expert.
  •  Keep checking the battery’s water level. Follow the maker’s guide on how to look after it.
  •  Be careful of overcharging, because it can be unsafe and make the battery explode.
  •  Be careful and follow safety steps when charging to stay safe.
  •  Regularly look after and check the battery to help it last and stay safe.

How To Stop Your Golf Cart Batteries From Going Dead?

Keep your golf cart batteries working for a long time by taking care of them. Then, your golf cart will be ready when you want to use it.

Don’t Overcharge

To avoid overcharging, use an automatic battery charger for your golf cart. This helps protect the batteries from harm. Be careful with charging times and check the battery often. Doing this will keep your golf cart’s batteries from dying.

Don’t Drive Until It Dies

It’s important to keep the batteries charged because low power can cause problems. Don’t drive the cart when the battery is almost empty or dead, as it can harm the cart in the long run.

Instead, it is recommended to charge the battery before using your golf cart. Take good care of the battery and don’t let it lose too much power. This will help the battery last longer and not break easily.

Monthly Maintenance is Key

Taking care of golf cart batteries every month is important. Look at the water levels and clean any rust you find. If you don’t check your cart battery often, it can cause trouble, and you might need a new battery sooner.

Spend 10-15 minutes each month on this important task. Doing regular maintenance helps your battery last longer and work better.

Don’t Run the Radio After You’re Done

Looking after your golf cart battery is important for it to last longer and work well. Turn off things like lights and the radio when you’re not using them to save battery power. Doing this makes sure your golf cart is always ready for your next adventure.

Avoid Steep Hills & Long Distances

To help your golf cart batteries last longer, keep some things in mind. Brands like E-Z-Go, Cushman, and Bad Boy have good golf cart batteries. When driving your golf cart far, know how much power the battery has.

Avoid steep hills because they use up the battery fast. Plan your trip, think about the distance, and the type of ground you’ll be on so you don’t run out of power.

Bring It In for a Tuneup

Taking good care of your golf cart battery is important, and regular maintenance helps. Make sure the battery works well by doing it yourself or asking Garrett for help. Garrett’s has many golf carts and other vehicles, both new and used.

Their friendly team is always ready to help you find the perfect battery for your cart. They know how to customize and take care of their customers.

They’ll help keep your battery alive. Trust them for the best service for all your golf cart needs, like changing batteries or getting maintenance help.

Can The User Leave The Golf Cart Plugged In Overnight?

When charging your golf cart at night, check the instructions from the company that made it to keep it safe. It’s usually fine to leave the cart plugged in all night. The charger will stop when the battery is full. So, it is recommended to use an automatic battery charger.

Look at the instructions to see if you can use a timer. This helps your battery be fully charged and ready for the next day. 

Generally, plugging in your golf cart overnight is a good way to make sure that the battery stays fully charged.


Can I use a 12-volt charger on a 48-volt golf cart?

It is possible to use a 12-volt charger on a 48-volt golf cart by using four 12-volt batteries in a series combination. This allows you to achieve the 48-volt power required to successfully power the golf cart.

Can I charge a golf cart battery with a regular car charger?

It is possible to charge a golf cart battery with a regular car charger, it is recommended to use a charger specifically designed for golf carts to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

What is the minimum voltage for a golf cart charger?

The minimum voltage for a golf cart charger is 28 or 29 volts.

Can you charge a golf cart with a trickle charger? 

Yes, you can charge a golf cart with a trickle charger. Trickle chargers are specifically designed to provide a low and steady charge to the battery over an extended period, such as weeks or months.

They are suitable for situations where the golf cart is stored during the winter or is not in use for a long time. Trickle chargers help maintain the battery’s charge without harming its internal components, ensuring that the battery lasts longer.

What amp should I charge my golf cart battery?

To find the right size charger for your golf cart battery, use a charger that’s about 25% of the battery’s capacity.

For example, if your battery has a capacity of 100 amp hours (ah), a charger with around 25 amps (or less) is good. Bigger chargers might charge faster but could make the battery not last as long.

How do I know if my golf cart is 36 or 48 volts?

To find out if your golf cart is 36 or 48 volts, look at the number and voltage of the batteries in your cart. If your cart has six batteries that are 6 volts each, then your cart is 36 volts.

But if your cart has six batteries that are 8 volts each, then your cart is 48 volts. By counting the batteries and knowing their voltage, you can figure out your golf cart’s voltage.

How fast will a 48V golf cart go?

48V golf cart is capable of reaching the same top-end speed as a standard golf cart, which is 12MPH. However, it is important to note that the speed of a golf cart can be increased by purchasing larger tires. The larger the diameter of the wheels, the faster the golf cart will go.

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