Best GPS Golf Rangefinders

Top 7 Best GPS Golf Rangefinders 2023

Do you want to play golf like a pro? Then you need precision in your golf game. Golf is all about accuracy, from equipment selection to judging the distance to even recording the yard data. Your journey as a pro-golfer starts with choosing the right rangefinder to measure precise distances in the field. Therefore, I have prepared a list of the top 7 best GPS golf rangefinders with slope, best golf GPS devices for the money to help you get better at golf.

Technology has come a long way since the invention of the first rangefinders. In those days, people used to guestimate the yards. Though this method was effective for some, still most people left their fate in the hands of their guess. As a result, even skilled golfers missed their glory shot just because they miscalculated the distance. Therefore, you need a GPS golf rangefinder to measure accurate yardages before taking the shot.

What To Look For In a Golf Rangefinder?

The world’s leading GPS manufacturers compete head-to-head to bring you the perfect rangefinder for your game. However, with such innovations, things get complicated because there are literally hundreds of different products offering at least one unique feature. Therefore, you need to carefully evaluate your requirements and look for these specific features in the golf rangefinder:


Perhaps the most obvious feature to notice in the best GPS golf rangefinder is the ability to measure precise distances. Most of the modern GPS rangefinders have a least count of +/-1 yards. However, some local manufacturers falsely advertise their products, i.e., the accuracy is not of the same standards. Therefore, when purchasing a rangefinder, accuracy should always be the number one priority.

The problem with inaccurate measurements is that you only get a limited number of shots per round. So, there is no room for poor shot selection due to inaccurate distance calculation. As a matter of fact, up to two shots are lost every round due to poor yardage judgment.

Battery Life

An average golf round lasts for about 2-3 hours. Moreover, professional golfers usually play 2 to 3 rounds of golf on a game day. Therefore, it is very crucial that your GPS rangefinder can last through the whole day without recharging or swapping batteries. Premium-quality golf rangefinders last anywhere between 8 to 20 hours, depending on the model you buy. So, it is best first to evaluate how much battery timing you need and then to invest in the device. This way, you get the required battery timing and save money at the same time.

Slope Reading

In the early days of golf rangefinders, slope reading used to be a luxury feature only found in high-end products. However, the integration of GPS in a smart rangefinder enables you to read the slopes in the golf course accurately. Slope reading allows you to understand the amount of power you are going to need to make the last shot. Therefore, always look for a GPS rangefinder that has the slope reading feature.

Display Screen

GPS golf rangefinder is a digital device that measures hazard distances and displays the results on display (led or TFT). The problem is that golf is usually played on a sunny day. Most of the poor-quality displays fail to show the data without having to move to the shade all the time. However, modern display panels with true-color technology prevent this problem by showing high-resolution data on the screen even under direct sunlight. Therefore, if you want to play golf effectively, your GPS should have a suitable display screen.


Modern GPS rangefinders have all the above-stated elements with slight variations. The factor that makes one product unique from the others is the number of features that the device has to offer. These features combine different technologies to make your golfing effective and comfortable.

For instance, some GPS rangefinders can be worn as a smartwatch. You can connect this watch wirelessly to your phone using NFC, Bluetooth, or WIFI to control its various features. Most of the manufacturers provide a golf app along with their product to view, record, and measure the different data from the golf course. Similarly, almost all the smart GPS rangefinders come with preloaded courses of different locations globally. The number of golf course maps varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

However, your device will regularly receive course updates and software updates to make the device useful no matter where you are playing. The auto-detection feature takes away the need to enter your location on the device manually. Instead, the device will read your location data from the smartphone and then use that data to pinpoint your current location and display all the information about that golf course.

Best Value Rangefinder: Precision Pro NX9 HD

Precision Pro NX9 HD with slope is one of the most popular golf range finders that you can get at an affordable price. It comes with all the handy features that you want in a rangefinder without becoming a burden on your budget.

The predecessor model NX9 was well received by the audience. Therefore, Precision Pro decided to come up with an improved HD mode. It has the same size, shape, and color scheme as the original but comes with the handy feature to find the slope of the field.

I have been using the NX9 HD for over a month now, and honestly, I am impressed with what this device has to offer. It has a sturdy build quality and better ergonomics. The only competition that I see for the NX9 HD is the Bushnell Tour.

However, that device is a bit heavier, and more durable but comes at a high price as well. Therefore, if you are looking for a golf rangefinder with the same features as a Bushel but cheaper, the NX9 HD is the best you can get.

The overall design of the NX9 HD is to help you easily find the range and slope without even looking at the buttons. The button placement is very close to the viewfinder. This allows you to press the desired keys while scoping down the sight without even looking at the buttons. As a result, you will get accurate range and slope information every time. However, the smaller size ratio requires a little adjusting if you are shifting from a larger rangefinder, just like me.

The only problem that they faced when comparing the NX9 with Bushnell was the placement of slope information. In the case of the Bushnell Tour, the values are perfectly centered on the screen, and you don’t need to move your eye to view it.

However, the NX9 HD displays the slope information well above the target zone and the actual distance. As a result, you have to shift your eye to view the slope information. This is a minor issue and won’t have a noticeable impact on your game. Overall, the Precision Pro Nx9 HD is the best Budget Rangefinder with premium features; you should check it out.

Best GPS Golf Rangefinders Of 2023

The last two years received many new golfers due to the pandemic lockdown. It is because more people got time from their busy schedules to focus on the game. Therefore, the golf accessories manufacturers greatly focused on improving their products this year. This calls for an updated product review of the best GPS golf rangefinders of 2023.

In a Hurry?

Don’t have the time to read the whole article? Here are the top 3 picks to help you shortlist your selection. All these products are included in the Amazon top seller section. Therefore, you can choose any one of them depending on the extra features you want:

  • Garmin 010-02028-00 Approach S10: Best wearable GPS rangefinder
  • Swami Kiss Golf GPS Rangefinder: Best GPS rangefinder for accurate distance.
  • Bushnell 368821 Phantom Golf GPS: Premium GPS Golf Rangefinder
Garmin 010-02028-00 Approach S1012 hours battery life, Touchscreen, high-resolution display41,000 courses
Golf Buddy Clip-on Voice 2 Golf Navigation GPSWater-Resistant14 Hours Battery Life40,000 golf course lifetime course updates talking Golf GPS
Swami Kiss Golf GPS Rangefinder12 hours battery life38,000 worldwide course accurate distance auto course recognition
TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS WatchBluetooth connectivity38,000 golf courses181g weight rain resistant
Izzo Swami 6000 Golf GPS2-inch display auto hole-advance38,000 maps Battery lasts for three rounds
Garmin Approach S62, Premium Golf GPS WatchTouch screen, Wireless connectivity, 20 hours of battery life41,000 preloaded courses
Bushnell 368821 Phantom Golf GPS10 hours battery life36,000 preloaded coursesBITE magnetic mount Bushnell Golf App

1. Garmin 010-02028-00 Approach S10: High-quality GPS watch

Classic Golf - golf gps amazon

All the gadgets in the world are becoming smarter with the help of advanced technology. There is no need to carry those large rangefinders when you can just use the GPS of your smartwatch.

Moreover, it is a stylish watch that can easily replace your everyday wristwatch. If you are looking for a sleek alternative to your standard rangefinder, the S10 is definitely worth a shot.

The Garmin S10 is a smartwatch that can double as a GPS range finder. You don’t have to carry around a sturdy rangefinder in your golf kit because it is right there on your wrist. It has the ability to accurately measure and display the yardages of over 41,000 golf courses around the world. The additional features include providing accurate data about everything from distance to hazards and much more.

The build quality of this watch is highly durable. It is made from heavy-duty plastic and rubber to provide a lightweight experience without compromising on the durability of the watch. Furthermore, water hazards have no effect on the device’s abilities. As a result, you can feel free to take it out even on a wet day to complete your gameplay.

The GPS automatically detects your current location and sets the watch accordingly. It displays the hazards, ranges, and even doglegs for the currently selected golf course. Lastly, the watch has a position tracker that automatically sets the range for the next hole as you move forward.

The Garmin S10 regularly receives automatic updates whenever you are connected to the WIFI. The watch comes packaged with more than 41,000 golf courses, and the number keeps increasing with every new update. It also displays the weather forecast and has all the features that you expect from a smartwatch.

Moreover, it can accurately measure range and slopes from the front, back, and center of the green by using advanced GPS technology directly integrated with the watch. Other additional features include a fully functional alarm clock, calendar, Bluetooth, WIFI, and even a scorecard tracker to note down your scores the intelligent way.


  • 12 hours battery backup
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy-to-use
  • Lightweight, comfortable and stylish.
  • Built-in scorecard application.
  • Works for up to 3 golf rounds on a single charge.

Customer ratings:

  • Mobile App           4.2
  • Easy to use             3.9
  • Lightweight          4.8
  • Battery life             4.4
  • Accuracy                4.5
  • Touch Screen         3.8
Garmin Approach S10 GPS Golf Watch Review


  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to use
  • Features more than 41,000 courses
  • Automatic updates
  • Stylish
  • Touchscreen
  • Blind shot assistance
  • The display can be viewed under the sun.
  • Pinpoint Accuracy.
  • Calculates multiple targets


  • Low brightness screen
  • Not as effective as laser technology.

2. Golf Buddy Clip-on Voice 2 Golf Navigation GPS: Best GPS rangefinder with voice.

Classic Golf - best golf gps without subscription

Do you need someone to tell you what you did wrong in the last shot? Or how should you tackle the current golf field? Well, no need to pay the coach that heavy monthly fee.

The Golf Buddy Clip Voice 2 is, in reality, your buddy that will guide you to make the perfect single shot every time. It has amazing features that can make a difference in your game almost immediately. This device is designed especially for beginners who have yet to learn shot judgment and equipment selection on their end.

The Voice 2 may not be as small as the smartwatch GPS. However, it has some unique features that set it apart from the others. For instance, the device with preloaded with more than 40,000 golf fields globally.

As you know, the conditions for every field are different from the others, and it is very difficult to adapt to new conditions if you like to play on different grounds. Therefore, you need the Golf Buddy to guide you throughout your gameplay.

As soon as you turn on the device, it connects with the GPS to determine your current golf course. Once the connection is established, the device will then display the weather forecast. Windspeed, range, slope, and doglegs.

Moreover, it also accurately measures and stores your last shot distance. This information is used to customize future results and tips.

For instance, Voice 2 remembers your previous shot angles and distance. This device then provides a suitable club selection and power adjustment accordingly. You can also keep track of your current score and the score in past games. The USB output port allows you to connect the rangefinder to your laptop and transfer all previous data for safekeeping.

The most unique feature of the Voice 2 is, in fact, its voice output. Most golf players complain that their rangefinder display is not visible under the sun. The world has yet to invent anti-sun glare screens. Till then, you can use the Voice feature of this rangefinder. It can read out loud the display information in more than 8 different languages. You can use this rangefinder as a GPS device to make accurate yardages and know about the hazard distance.


  • Automatic golf course detection
  • 1-inch monochrome display
  • 40,000 preloaded courses
  • Voice feature
  • Supports different languages
  • Tee shot distance measurement
  • Scorecard and distance record
  • Dynamic Greenview technology

Customer ratings:

  • Accuracy                4.6
  • Value for money    4.6
  • Easy to use             4.6
  • Battery life             4.5
GolfBuddy Voice 2 Training Video


  • Water hazards proof
  • Automatic position finder
  • Hold tracking
  • Doglegs information
  • Easy to use
  • Exceedingly accurate measurements
  • Voice output
  • Attachable to the body
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Slope information
  • 14 hours of battery life


  • Course detection is slow
  • The display is not anti-glare
  • No automatic updates.

3. Swami Kiss Golf GPS Rangefinder:  Best budget GPS golf rangefinder

Classic Golf - best golf gps 2023

When selecting a GPS golf rangefinder, you need to be sure of what you are looking for. There are literally thousands of rangefinders, each featuring a set of unique attributes that help with your game.

For those looking for a straightforward yet effective GPS rangefinder, the Izzo Golf Swami kiss has no other substitute. It is a complete device with all the additional features to help with your course.

The main feature of all handheld devices is to determine your accurate location and provide suitable information. However, most of these devices rely on an active internet connection to display valuable data. The problem is that you don’t always have internet access, especially in the field. That’s why most handheld devices fail in such golf fields.

This is not the case with the Izzo Swami Kiss GPS rangefinder. It comes with built-in sensors that track wind speed and humidity in real-time to provide precise data from the field.

Whenever you turn on the Swami kiss on the golf course, it will use the GPS to locate you on the globe. In most cases, the golf field is preloaded in the device. However, there is a slight chance that the company didn’t preload it. In that case, you can update the golf course database of your device by connecting it to the internet.

Moreover, there is no monthly or annual subscription fee for this service. And the database updates are also free for a lifetime. Therefore, you won’t need to buy a new golf rangefinder to support even more golf courses around the globe.

The GPS of every Izzo Golf Swami device is better than any other. They use powerful hardware to focus only on precision. When the device is set up, it will accurately display distances from the front, back, and center of the green.

However, if you only want straightforward info, you can always switch to the simple mode that displays the center of the green range only. Overall, this is the perfect handheld device for those who are on a tight budget.


  • Multiple yardage displays
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to mount to the cart
  • Built-in sensors.
  • Digital Scorecard
  • Free automatic updates subscription
  • Individual shot distance
  • Eye-level view in mount position

Customer ratings:

  • Battery life             4.5
  • Accuracy                4.0
  • Mobile App           3.6
  • Value for money    3.2


  • Handheld rangefinder
  • Automatic golf course detection
  • Accurate distance measurement
  • Displays windspeed and humidity
  • Measure the distance from the front, back, and center
  • Auto hold advance
  • Affordable price
  • 16 hours of battery backup
  • Simple mode and advanced mode
  • 1.5-inches display


  • No WIFI or Bluetooth support
  • Hard to see the display in outdoor conditions.
  • Shot distance measurement is not so accurate.

4. TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch: Best budget GPS rangefinder watch

Classic Golf - best golf rangefinders

When looking for accurate GPS rangefinders, size is always the user’s first concern. It is an obvious concern because no one likes to carry around large devices to measure distance or know more about the current golf field. In this regard, the most effective way to get accurate GPS data about the current golf field is to use a GPS watch.

One of the best entry-level GPS watches is the TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch. It doesn’t have as many features as other premium GPS watches. However, all the included features are highly optimized only to provide precise information.

Most golfers only take out their gadgets when playing out on the field. Therefore, it is very suitable to use an easy-to-setup rangefinder to save your time and look cool in front of fellow golf players. You don’t have the time or the patience to play around with hard-to-understand rangefinders or try to find shade to see the screen information. Therefore, the ULT-G Golf GPS Watch is the perfect solution to all your golf-related problems.

You can also double it as a causal watch due to the simple look and advanced features. However, be careful not to mistake it for a smartwatch because it is not. It doesn’t have a touchscreen or a colored display, nor does it come with WIFI connectivity to your smartphone. This watch has a simple interface that you can control using the four basic buttons.

This simple GPS watch comes with many features that are scarce in such watches. For example, it comes preloaded with 38,000 golf courses around the world with no subscription fee. The watch’s GPS tracks your current location and displays all the information about the current ground.

Moreover, you don’t have to update the progress on the watch while you are playing. The advanced GPS tracks your current position as well as the shot distance and automatically shifts to the next hole as you advance in the field.


  • Straightforward interface
  • Sleek and durable design
  • It lasts for two and a half 18-hole rounds
  • Accurate distance measurement
  • Backlit display
  • Comfortable wear
  • Multiple yardage display
  • Distance to hazards
  • 38,000 preloaded courses

Customer ratings:

  • Accuracy      4.6
  • Battery life   4.4
  • Easy to use  4.4
  • Comfort       4.3


  • 12 hours battery life
  • Rain resistant
  • Backlit display
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Simple four buttons operation
  • Auto course detection
  • USGA compliant
  • Entry-level GPS watch
  • Exact yardage information


  • No digital scorecard application
  • It doesn’t keep track of shot distance

5. Izzo Swami 6000 Golf GPS:

Classic Golf - best golf gps app

Izzo Golf Swami is the largest manufacturer of golf rangefinders in the world. Many professional golfers use Izzo Golf Swami regularly to help improve their game.

However, this device is equally friendly for people with all sorts of golf backgrounds, i.e., professionals, regular players, and amateurs.  Therefore, if your budget isn’t a problem, you should check out the Swami 6000.

Firstly, the Izzo Golf Swami series has been highly successful since its first product. The customers are very satisfied with their purchase and are keen to see what innovation Izzo Swami brings in the future models. The key focus of every Izzo product is GPS accuracy. Therefore, you should expect nothing less than perfection from the Swami 6000 Golf GPS handheld devices.

Besides the sturdy build quality, this GPS device comes with all the additional features that you require for an intelligent purchase. The GPS automatically determines your current golf course to display the range, slope, doglegs, and blind shot information on the HD display. This is also one of the few devices that can be used under direct sunlight with a hands-free mounting position.


  • Individual shot distance measurement
  • Automatic hole advance
  • Water-resistant
  • Magnetic golf cart mount
  • 40,000 preloaded courses
  • Precise measurements
  • Carry distances and hazard information

Customer ratings:

  • Easy to read           4.5
  • Battery life             4.4
  • Accuracy                4.4
  • Easy to use             4.2


  • High-quality material
  • Anti-glare display
  • Automatic updates
  • Added yardage accuracy
  • 16 hours of battery life
  • Digital scorecard
  • Recording greens in regulation


  • The score is only added 60 yards away from the previous hole
  • Software needs to be updated from the laptop app.

6. Garmin Approach S62, Premium Golf GPS Watch: Best premium-quality GPS golf watch

Classic Golf - best golf rangefinder with slope

Are you a hardcore golfer? If yes, the Garmin GPS golf rangefinders Approach S62 is the perfect watch for you. It is made from highly durable material, and the display is protected with Gorilla Glass 3.

Besides being sturdy, it has many useful features that can prove advantageous in the field. If you are looking for a high-end smartwatch GPS, then the S62 should be your first choice.

The S62 is the world’s first GPS watch with customizable bands. The 0.86-inch Quick-fit band is very easy to swap with different colored bands. It provides a comfortable fit every time to perfectly match your color selection. This watch has all the features of a full-fledged rangefinder and a GPS smartwatch.

For instance, this watch can accurately know your current golf course as well as the current weather forecast. The watch also displays information about how you should tackle the current hole and the power and angle required to make the perfect pot.

The S62 seamlessly connects with your smartphone to provide notification updates like calls and messages directly on display. Moreover, if you like to listen to music when playing, you can navigate your music library using the S62. It means that you can completely focus on your game rather than checking your phone all the time.


  • Garmin Connect app
  • Automatically measures shot distance
  • Accurate GPS data
  • Compass, Gyroscope, and accelerometer
  • Green view feature
  • Multiple yardage display
  • Wireless connection with smartphones  
  • Water resistance

Customer ratings:

  • Battery life             4.7
  • Accuracy                4.5
  • Touch Screen         4.5
  • Mobile App           4.3


  • 20 hours of battery life
  • 41,000 preloaded courses
  • Highly customizable
  • Music controls and smartphone notifications.
  • Ten days standby
  • Anti-glare display for direct sunlight
  • 1GB internal memory
  • Automatic detection and distance measurement
  • Blind shot assistance


  • The strap becomes loose over time, requiring frequent tightening during the game

7. Bushnell 368821 Phantom Golf GPS: Best GPS golf rangefinder for beginners

Classic Golf - golf gps rangefinder

Bushnell is a brand that requires no introduction. All their products are high-quality but slightly more expensive than the others. The Phantom Bushnell Rangefinder GPS is one of the best handheld GPS devices that you can get on a medium-range budget.

 It has all the features like automatic course detection, hazard distances, and layoff measurements. Moreover, it is supposed up to four hazard distances per hole. Finally, you can wirelessly connect the device with a smartphone to pair it with the Bushnell connect application for better data management.


  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Back, front and center yardage in one display
  • BITE magnetic mount
  • The battery lasts for two rounds of 18 holes each.
  • Hazard finder
  • Tee shot times
  • 3D flyovers

Customer ratings:

  • Easy to read           4.7
  • Accuracy                4.4
  • Easy to use             4.4
  • Battery life             4.1


  • Easy to set up
  • Highly accurate measurements
  • Ergonomic use
  • Best GPS rangefinder for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Mountable
  • Bluetooth
  • Heavy-duty plastic material.
  • 36,000 preloaded courses.


  • It is not waterproof
  • The display is hard to read under the sun


By now, you should fully understand the importance of a GPS golf rangefinder. It can help improve your game and adapt to new golf fields without any problems. I hope this article has helped you decide which of these products is suitable to fulfill your requirements.


What is a rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is a device used to measure the distance between the ball and the hole in a golf field. It helps them determine the power and angle they need to accurately put the hole.

Should I get a GPS or laser rangefinder?

Both laser and GPS rangefinders are suitable for different scenarios. For instance, GPS automatically determines the range, while a laser rangefinder can only measure the distance from the sighted target.

Which is the Best Golf Rangefinder for You?

If you are a professional, you should have a wristwatch GPS as well as a laser range finder. However, medium players and amateurs are advised to use handheld GPS golf rangefinders.

What’s the difference between a rangefinder vs. a golf GPS?

A rangefinder can only measure the distance from the object that you sight through the scope. It is less accurate as the chance of human error is high. On the other hand, a GPS golf uses a satellite to determine your position and calculate the distance from the hole. As a result, a minimum error is produced in the measurements.

What are the key characteristics I should look out for in best golf rangefinders?

When purchasing a GPS device, look for accuracy, build quality, brand, wireless connectivity, digital scorecard, and automatic detection features of the device.

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