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How Long Can A Golf Cart Sit Without Charging

Ever parked your golf cart, then wondered, “How long can a golf cart sit without charging?” Well, it’s a common query and today, we’re going to explore it in detail.

So, how long a golf cart can sit without charging depends on different things. The battery’s type, age, and condition, as well as any existing damage, all affect how long it can stay idle. 

Ready to dive into the battery-maintaining nitty-gritty? Let’s go!

How Long Can a Golf Cart Sit Without Charging?

To know how long a golf cart battery can sit without charging, we need to think about a few things. 

First, the type of battery and how old it is matter. Also, we need to look at its overall condition. Usually, a golf cart battery can sit without charging for about 2-3 weeks. But if the battery is in good shape and stored well, it can last for up to 30 days without charging.

During winter or colder times, you need to be extra careful with your golf cart battery. It’s important to keep the battery terminals clean and free from rust. You should check the cables often for any signs of rust.

If you find any, you can use a wire brush with a mixture of baking soda and water to clean them. This will help keep your battery safe and make it last longer.

Where you store your battery is also important. It should be in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. High temperatures can make the battery lose its charge quickly, while very cold temperatures can freeze the battery and damage it.

To take care of your golf cart battery, you can think about getting a battery maintainer or a trickle charger.

These devices can keep your battery fully charged without overcharging it. Before you put your golf cart in storage for a few weeks or a month, make sure the battery is fully charged.

But remember, the type of battery matters too. If your golf cart has a lead-acid battery, you need to recharge it regularly, even during long-term storage. If you let this kind of battery completely run out of charge for a long time, it can get damaged and not work anymore.

What Are The Varieties Of Golf Cart Batteries?

Flooded Lead Acid (wet) batteries

Golf cart batteries come in different types. One type is called wet cell batteries. They have acid and lead plates. The plates don’t touch each other. You need to take care of these batteries and check the acid level. This helps them work well.

Golf cart batteries can last a while without charging, but it depends on their condition, temperature, and use. Usually, they lose about 1-3% charge per day.

When you charge wet cell batteries, gases, and acid come out. You should check the power and voltage to make sure it’s working. These batteries can be charged many times, but they don’t last long because of their inside resistance.

Wet cell batteries come in different shapes and sizes. Some keep gases inside, while others let them out. Vented batteries need water added often. It’s important to understand the battery’s insides and how strong it is when you use it.

AGM Lead Acid Batteries

AGM batteries are special. They’re better than regular batteries. They have a special part that keeps things safe. It helps the batteries last a long time.

AGM batteries in a golf cart can stay uncharged for 50 months. They lose 2% of power each month.

AGM batteries give lots of power. They make machines work well. They last a long time and charge quickly.

You don’t need to worry about leaks or mess. They’re strong and not heavy. People use them in cars, boats, and golf carts.

Gel Lead Acid Batteries

Gel lead acid batteries are also called GEL cell batteries. They have jelly-like stuff inside them. This stuff and a special mat make thick, sticky stuff. It stops leaks.

Gel lead-acid batteries in a golf cart can typically sit idle for 1-3 months without needing a recharge. However, extreme temperatures and battery conditions can affect this timeframe. 

Gel batteries charge and use power slower than AGM batteries. They have special cases, so you don’t have to take care of them a lot and they won’t leak.

Gel batteries are made for special tasks. They can charge and use lots of electricity without breaking. They give dependable and long-lasting energy for different uses.

Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart fans like lithium-ion batteries. They’re special and better than others. These batteries last long, work well, and hold lots of energy.

Lithium-ion batteries hold their charge for weeks or months. They lose only a small amount of capacity over time.

They’re good for long trips and going to work every week. They’re cheaper to maintain. They may cost more, but they last. So, they’re worth the money.

How To Stop Your Golf Cart Batteries From Going Dead?

Take good care of your golf cart batteries so they last longer. This way, your golf cart will always be ready when you want to use it.

Don’t Overcharge

To prevent overcharging, use a smart charger for your golf cart. It keeps the batteries safe. Watch the charging time and check the battery regularly. This will keep your golf cart’s batteries from dying.

Don’t Drive Until It Dies

Follow the “Don’t Drive Until It Dies” rule. It will help your golf cart batteries last longer and work better. By charging them right, caring for them, and driving carefully, you can keep them from dying early. It will also stop any other problems. 

This way, you can have more fun golfing with your golf cart. So remember, keep your batteries charged, take good care of them, and enjoy your golfing trips.

Monthly Maintenance is Key

Taking care of golf cart batteries each month matters a lot. Check the water levels and scrub off any rust you see. If you skip checking your cart battery often, it can lead to problems, and you might have to buy a new battery early. 

Spend about 10-15 minutes every month on this key task. Doing this routine care helps your battery stay good for longer and work in top form.

Don’t Run the Radio After You’re Done

Taking care of your golf cart battery helps it last longer and perform better. Always turn off stuff like lights and the radio when you’re done. This saves battery life. This way, your golf cart is set for your next fun trip.

Avoid Steep Hills & Long Distances

To make your golf cart batteries work longer, remember a few tips. Names like E-Z-Go, Cushman, and Bad Boy make great batteries for golf carts. When you ride your golf cart far, see how much power is left. 

Steep hills can make your battery run out quickly. So, stay away from them. Plan your ride, keep in mind how far you’ll go, and what kind of road you’ll use. This way, your cart won’t run out of power.

Bring It In for a Tuneup

Looking after your golf cart battery matters a lot. Doing check-ups often helps. See if the battery is good. You can do it yourself or ask Garrett’s team.

Garrett’s has lots of golf carts and more. Some are new, some are used.

Their nice team is always set to help you. They will find the right battery for your cart. They know how to tailor things and care for their people. They will help your battery to stay on. Rely on them for top help. You can get battery changes or tune-up help from them.

Final Words

In the end, how long a golf cart stays up without power ties to different things. These include the battery’s kind, age, health, and how it’s kept. Normally, a golf cart’s battery can rest for 2-3 weeks with no charge.

Yet, with the right care and keeping, it can stay up to 30 days without needing power. Looking after your battery, using a tool to keep it working well, and not giving it too much or too little power can make it last longer.


Should an electric golf cart be charged after every use?

Yes, plug in your electric golf cart each time you use it. Taking good care of the batteries is key. If you don’t charge them often, they won’t last long. They might only work for a year.

How long do golf cart batteries last between charges?

Golf cart batteries typically last between 25 and 40 miles on a single charge or between 45 and 90 minutes of full-power run-time. At golf courses, it is common for electric golf carts to be used for up to 54 holes in a single day before they need to be recharged.

Should you disconnect golf cart batteries for storage?

You should unplug golf cart batteries if not using them for a while. This keeps the batteries safe and stops any power loss. It’s good to unhook these batteries if stored. This makes them last longer and works best when you use them again.

Does leaving a golf cart on a drain battery?

If you keep the lights and radio on your golf cart while it’s still, the battery may run out. These parts use energy from the battery. If they’re left on for a long time, they can empty the battery. Always turn off these parts to stop the battery from getting too tired and going empty.

What kills golf cart batteries?

Acetic acid hurts the battery’s lead plates. This harm cuts short the battery’s life. It can give a slight, short boost to battery power. But, it kills the battery fast in the end.

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