How to Swing Golf Club Correctly

How to Swing Golf Club Correctly | Best Beginners Guide 2023

There is nothing more fascinating than swinging a golf club. It is the sport everyone dreams of, and playing is the best hobby for some. 

But if you are a beginner, You should know How to Swing Golf Club Correctly. You have to play the game as if you are a professional; the same applies when you want to swing the golf club. It would help if you held the golf club properly and hit the ball in the right direction. Here is the solution.

Swinging a golf club is tricky because it has to be adequately held and swung in the desired direction. So, you have to practice it, and if you are lucky, you will get the desired result.

Swinging a golf club is no different from swinging any other sports club. The difference is that you are swinging a golf club and not a baseball bat. So Let’s see how you should swing it.

How to Swing a golf club (The EASIEST way)

12 Best Techniques _ How to Swing Golf Club Correctly 

Holding the golf club is the first and foremost thing you must practice. It would help if you gripped it properly, pulled back the club head slowly, and then released it. 

When you are gripping the club head and pulling it back, you have to pull it like you are holding a ball or a soccer ball. Therefore, be sure to retract the club head before letting go entirely.

You must swing the club head and keep it on the desired trajectory. You must focus on the target and keep your eye on the ball. Once the club strikes the ball, you will hear a clicking sound. If you are hitting it well, you will hear the clicking sound.

Swinging is a fundamental part of golf as it determines the overall course of the game. A golf swing is a challenging game that requires much concentration and patience. You cannot become a pro player if you can master your golf swing.

The key to success is how to swing a golf club right and how to hit a golf ball to the target with perfect technique. So, if you have been struggling with your golf swing and cannot hit the ball to the target accurately, here are some simple tips you must practice.

Have you ever thought about the correct swing tips for a golfer? Well, there are certain basic things you need to keep in mind while swinging a golf club. 

These are the fundamental things that are necessary for you to learn so that you can improve your game. So these are the tips that we will discuss here.

Get Proper Grip

First, you will need to ensure that you hold a golf club in your right hand. The grip should be your main concern. Make sure you buy a club with a quality grip. Also, choose a trusted brand. Before you start playing golf, make sure that your grip is correct and hold the club by following the following steps:

  • Put your index finger on the bottom of the grip, but don’t touch the shaft.
  • Hold your middle finger and ring finger together in the back of the grip to get a solid grip.
  • Clasp the grip with your little finger and your thumb.
  • Place your thumb at the end of the grip.
  • So, once you have done all the above steps, then you will be able to feel the right size, and you will be able to hold the golf club correctly.

Open Your Body

If After holding a golf club correctly, it is the next step to make you swing with full power and accuracy. So, to open your body, you will have to move your shoulders back, and you will need to move your chest forward.

You will also have to move your knees and feet to open your body. If you don’t do these steps, you will swing the golf club wrongly, and it will be difficult for you to hit the ball.

The Angle of Your Club

One of the best ways to increase the distance of your shots is by making the right angle of the club to the ball. If the club angle is less, it will give low-angle shots. And if the angle is more, it will give high-angle shots. So, to swing the club in the right way. But, first, you need to adjust the angle of the club for the ball.

Club Speed

The club’s speed is essential, and the higher the speed, the further you will get. And the best way to do this is by swinging with a smooth, smooth motion.

Correct Posture While Swinging

Generally, why do you feel awkward when swinging because of the wrong posture? Make sure you have a good grip on the club and that your back is straight when you swing. If you have a poor posture while swinging, you will not get the desired power from your body.

Don’t Move Your Wrists When You are Swinging the Club

To swing the golf club accurately, don’t move your wrists during the swing. You will lose control over your club when your wrists move, and the ball will go anywhere. So, keep your wrist straight during the swing.

Practice before You Hit the Ball

A great way to improve your swing is to practice your swing on a practice green. You need to practice slowly and focus your attention on your stance, grip, and posture.

Always Remember the Backswing

Golf is a fantastic sport, especially when you play it on a well-designed course. When the greens are perfect, the game is easy, but when they aren’t, it becomes challenging. But you can make it easier by learning the correct backswing and keeping your arms at the sides.

Don’t Hold the Club Back

We all know that the swing is significant, and we need to keep it at the top position so that it can give us more power. But if you hold the club back, you will never get the required power. So, keep the club in the top position.

Correct Foot Position while Swinging

As your hands and arms swing, ensure your legs remain steady and firm. It is the best way to prevent any accident. So, it would help if you practiced putting your feet in the correct place while swinging the club.

Focus on a Distant Target

When you are too close to the ball, your mind wanders, so try to focus on the target instead of its exact location. You can’t swing the club properly if your attention is directed at your targets instead of the golf ball.

Practice Your Stance

Now, your stance is the essential thing that will decide the direction of your shot. If you have practiced this, then you can make it a success.

Over to You

Finally, if you are a beginner, you can practice these steps and try hitting the ball. It will be a gradual process, but if you stick to it, you will surely succeed. We have given you an idea of how you should hold the golf club and how you should swing it. These tips will help you to improve the overall performance of your game.


1. What is the proper way to address the ball?

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your knees slightly bent.

2. What is the best way to hold a golf iron?

The best way to hold a golf iron is with the club head pointing straight down..

3. How many times should I swing? 

Swing the club as hard as you can.

4. What’s the difference between a backswing and a forward swing?

In a backswing, the club goes behind you. In a forward swing, the club goes in front of you.

5. How do I hold the club?

Your right hand should be on top of the handle, and your left hand should be on the bottom.

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