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What Size Battery For Yamaha Gas Golf Cart

Wondering about the perfect battery size for your Yamaha gas golf cart? Get in the swing of things with our informative guide! Discover the ideal battery size to keep your cart cruising smoothly on those stunning US golf courses. Don’t miss out on this essential read!

In this comprehensive guide on “What Size Battery For Yamaha Gas Golf Cart,” we will explore the key aspects of selecting the perfect battery for your Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart model.

Whether you own an Electric or Gas Golf Cart, understanding the battery’s potentials, output power, voltage, and power draw requirements is crucial for optimal performance.

What Size Battery For Yamaha Gas Golf Cart – Complete Guide

When picking a battery for your Yamaha Gas Golf Cart, there are a few things to think about. First, check the battery’s voltage. Most carts need 12 Volts, but some require 16 Volts. Look in the Yamaha manual.

The right voltage helps your cart work well and avoids damage from confusion or wrong power.

Now, let’s talk about Amps and power draw. The battery you choose should have the right Amp rating to give enough power to your cart. Too few Amps mean bad performance, while too many waste power. So, read and understand the battery’s Amp rating before swapping it.

To find the perfect battery size for your Yamaha Golf Cart, consider its model year and how often you use it. A battery that fits your cart’s needs will work great and last long, making it the best choice for your golf adventures.

Yamaha Drive (Gas) Golf Cart Batteries Voltage

In the world of Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Carts, the battery’s power is super important for how well it runs and how long it lasts. Different models need different battery power to work well. You can get batteries with 8 volts, 12 volts, 24 volts, or even 36V and 48V for some models.

Each type of golf cart needs a specific battery size. Some need 8-volt batteries, and others need 12-volt ones. Picking the right voltage is vital to keep the golf cart running smoothly and to avoid harming its electrical system.

Now, you might wonder why not use a 12-volt battery for all models. Well, it’s because each Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart model has different power needs. Some work best with 8 volts, and some need the stronger 12 volts. Using the right voltage makes sure the cart performs at its best.

Comprehensive List of Yamaha Gas-Powered Golf Cart Models with 12-Volt Battery Systems

Yamaha The Drive² – PTV (Gas)
Yamaha The Drive² – Adventurer Sport 2+2 (Gas)
Yamaha The Drive² – Adventurer One (Gas)
Yamaha The Drive² – Adventurer Two (Gas)
Yamaha The Drive² – Concierge 4 (Gas)
Yamaha The Drive² – Concierge 6 (Gas)
Yamaha The Drive² – UMAX One (Gas)
Yamaha The Drive² – UMAX Two (Gas)
Yamaha The Drive² – UMAX Rally (Gas)
Yamaha The Drive² – UMAX Rally 2+2 (Gas)

Reasons For Using 12 Volt Battery Instead Of Others

When picking the best battery for your Yamaha Gas Golf Cart, you have choices like 6V, 8V, 12V, and 24V batteries. But many golf cart owners prefer the 12 Volt battery for some good reasons.

First, the 12 Volt battery is super tough and lasts a long time. It works great, even in tough situations. Whether you’re on bumpy paths or in bad weather, the 12 Volt battery keeps your golf cart going smoothly.

Another reason is its power delivery. The 12 Volt battery gives a lot of power, so your golf cart runs well even on long rides. It also helps your cart’s electrical parts last longer.

Compared to 6V and 8V batteries, the 12 Volt battery is just right. While 24V batteries offer more power, they are heavier, have complex wiring, and cost more to replace. On the other hand, the 12 Volt battery provides enough power for most golf carts and is easy to handle.

Cost is another important thing. The 12 Volt battery is reasonably priced to buy and maintain. With proper care, it lasts a long time, saving you money on replacements.

Installing and replacing the 12 Volt battery is easy. Golf cart owners can do it quickly, so there’s less downtime and more fun on the golf cart.

What Are The Varieties Of Golf Cart Batteries?

Flooded Lead Acid (wet) batteries

In the world of golf cart batteries, a popular type is the Flooded Lead Acid (wet) battery. These batteries work well for golf carts. They have lead plates in acid, which make power with chemical reactions, giving a steady power when used.

While charging, gases and steam are made, showing that the batteries are charging well. To keep these batteries working great, it’s essential to charge them properly.

Another important thing is their internal resistance. If we keep the inside resistance at a good level, the batteries last longer and work better, giving power consistently. We need to check their condition regularly to do this.

Vented batteries are a common choice. They let gases escape when charging and working. These batteries need water sometimes to work well and not get too hot. By following the guidelines for water, the batteries last longer and work safely.

AGM Lead Acid Batteries

AGM Lead Acid Batteries, also called AGM batteries, are better than regular wet cell batteries. They use fiberglass mats to keep electrolytes in place. So, no liquid spills out, making them safe. These batteries work well in machines, cars, boats, and golf carts.

AGM batteries have lead plates and fiberglass separators that hold the electrolytes. They won’t spill or leak and can handle rough conditions. The fiberglass separators also keep the lead plates in good shape, making the batteries last longer.

A great advantage of AGM batteries is how long they hold a charge. They give a steady and dependable energy supply, perfect for continuous power needs. Whether in cars, boats, or golf carts, AGM batteries are strong and reliable.

Another plus point is that AGM batteries need very little upkeep. They are sealed and spill-proof, so no mess to clean or damage from leaks. AGM batteries need almost no maintenance, letting users use the energy worry-free.

Gel Lead Acid Batteries

Gel lead acid batteries, also called GEL cell batteries, are special rechargeable batteries. They use a jelly-like material in their structure to stop leaks, making them safe.

Compared to regular batteries, gel lead acid batteries charge and discharge slowly. This helps them use power more steadily, which is useful when a constant power supply is needed. They don’t leak, making them good for special jobs where safety is crucial.

One advantage of these batteries is how well they use electricity. They provide dependable and long-lasting energy, perfect for small gadgets or big industrial uses. They’re reliable and perform well, so they’re used in many different fields.

For golf carts, gel lead acid batteries are a great choice. Along with AGM batteries, they’re popular among golf cart owners who want long-lasting and steady power. With proper care, these batteries work well and last a long time.

Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries

Lithium-ion golf cart batteries are super cool tech! They’re new and better, making golf carts run amazingly. They have special stuff that makes them stand out. These batteries save energy and last a long time.

One big plus is their toughness on the golf course. They handle hot weather without a fuss. So, golfers can go far without battery worries. The game stays fun without interruptions.

These batteries are great for golf cart owners, too. They cost more at first, but they’re a smart choice. You save money in the long run. They live longer and need less upkeep. Golfers and course managers love them.

They keep the golf carts going smoothly. Even fast driving won’t stop them. Golfers and passengers get a fun ride every time. One amazing thing is how they stay charged when not in use. Even in the off-season, they stay strong. So, you’re ready for the next game without worries.

Golfers love these batteries, and nature does too. They help save the planet! By using them, golfers help the environment. It’s a win-win for golf and nature!

Lithium-ion golf cart batteries are truly incredible. They make golf carts better and help nature too. Let’s cheer for this awesome innovation!

What Batteries Are Compatible With Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart Battery?

If you need a battery for your Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart, you have lots of choices. Some good ones include the Trojan T875 8V, T-105, and UPG UB12350 U1 batteries. They work well and won’t let you down.

For AGM batteries, you can go with the VMax ML35 or the Lifeline GPL 8DL. They last a long time and are great for golf carts.

If you want more options, there are batteries like Duracell, Optima, and REDTOP 34/78. They work for many things, including golf carts.

Interstate Batteries offers the MT7-34R, which is powerful and won’t fail you.

The Exide Edge FP-AGML4/94R is a good all-around battery with good performance.

The Mighty Max Battery ML35-12 is designed for light trucks but works for golf carts too.

Remember to think about your budget and what you need when choosing a battery. There’s a compatible battery for you and your golf cart!

Does It Matter What Size Battery You Put In The Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart?

When picking a battery for the Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart, size matters a lot. It affects how the cart performs. Here are some things to consider:

  • Voltage: High voltage gives more power, better performance. Lower voltage means more balance and lasts longer.
  • Battery Capacity: High capacity (Amps) means more mileage and power. Low capacity means less mileage and power.
  • Battery Configuration: Different-sized batteries can affect performance. Choose wisely for the best function.
  • Battery Performance: Picking the right size affects how long the battery lasts. Matching the cart’s power needs gives better performance.

What Happens If I Use The Wrong Battery In The Gas Golf Cart?

Using the wrong battery in a Gas Golf Cart is bad. It can cause many problems. The battery powers the golf cart’s parts. Yamaha Gas Golf Carts need a 6-12 or 24 Volt battery. If you use a different one, it can hurt the battery and the golf cart.

If the battery has lower voltage, it won’t work well. The golf cart might not move at all. Using a battery with high power can cost more money.

Using the wrong battery can also damage the battery itself. It may not last long and needs many repairs.

It’s important to use the right battery. Yamaha Gas Golf Carts need 12V batteries. The right battery helps the golf cart work well and needs fewer repairs.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right battery size for Yamaha gas golf carts is super important. Most people choose a 12-volt battery. It’s strong, lasts long, and doesn’t cost much. If you use the wrong battery, your golf cart might not work well and could get hurt. So, make sure to get the right size to keep your Yamaha gas golf cart running great on the golf course and make it last longer.


Does a gas golf cart need a deep cycle battery?

No, a gas golf cart does not need a deep cycle battery. Gas golf carts use a starter or automotive battery instead of deep cycle batteries. Deep cycle batteries are more commonly found in electric golf carts, while gas golf carts require different types of batteries for their operation.

Can you jump-start a gas golf cart battery?

Yes, you can jump-start a gas golf cart battery. Players can do this after confirming the battery’s wire attachments and eliminating any corrosion. Most golf carts come equipped with an emergency jump-start kit, which includes an extra battery or charging device for this purpose.

Can I put a car battery in my gas golf cart?

Yes, you can use a car battery in your gas golf cart. Car batteries have 12 volts. You can connect three or four together for 36 or 48 volts to power your golf cart. But be careful, car batteries give a lot of power for a short time.

How do I add power to my gas golf cart?

If you want your gas golf cart to go faster, there’s a simple way. Remove the governor, a part that controls how fast it can go. By taking it out, the cart can get more air, making it speed up. This will improve the cart’s power and performance.

Do gas golf carts have more power than electric?

In the past, gas carts were stronger than electric ones. But now, electric carts, with 48-volt batteries, can match or beat gas carts in speed. So, gas golf carts might not always be more potent than electric ones, especially with the 48-volt batteries.

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